Working- Got my first and ONLY job offer!!

So, a lot has happened in the last few weeks. I’ve completed final projects, worked, and filled out tons and tons of job applications. I have probably, to date, completed over 75 of them. I’ve completed so many applications in one day that I have gotten headaches from reading the countless job descriptions with the words “entry-level position” but required 3-5 years of related experience. Really? So many times I’ve tried not underestimating myself and applying to jobs that I felt would be “easy” to get but even they weren’t biting my line. Man the job hunt was very tiring.   The problem was/is the competition. In our fast paced world filled with computers and technology that basically does everything for you how are you supposed to be noticed when most of the time software is reading your resume and making the decision as to whether a human will even see the resume?

My career goal is to become an International HR Manager or Trainer for a large multinational corporation but first I must start in an entry level position.  So the jobs I decided to apply to revolved around HR and training but there were no  takers. So a friend of mine told me to look into recruiting, which is another area where a lot of recent grads gain experience that is applicable to HR.  So I did and at first it seemed pretty hopeless until my first interview with a company 13 miles from my house looking for a HR Assistant and Payroll Administrator.  The interview went well but because of my late start date, which was the middle of January, they decided to go with other candidates. After that flop the idea of unemployment after college began to sink in again. My one and only goal for this semester, besides graduate, was to get a job offer before I graduated but none of the companies I applied to seemed to be interested.  Then almost a month later I got TWO call backs from recruitment firms. The phone interviews were scheduled and they both commenced on that fateful Monday morning. The first phone interview was a bust. I mean I did HORRIBLE.  I researched the company, however I also researched other companies, which led to me becoming confused and giving her the wrong information- Don’t do that!  LOL!! And what made it worse was that  I used some cliche sayings that made me sound like a suck up and a bullsh***er. I wouldn’t have hired me either after that performance.  After hanging up the phone in embarrassment I prepared my materials for the second interview.  That interview went amazingly well. It went so well she didn’t even have to consult with her supervisor to schedule an in-person interview with me. The in-person interview (s) was with three of my potential managers. I was to meet with three of them, one after the other. Safe to say that that interview process went well too and the next day she called with a job offer. Though I had given them a range from which I wanted to be paid from they chose to pay me the lower end of that range, which makes sense, but I was still disappointed. I really need to read up on negotiating salaries.  The pay they offered didn’t offend me or anything and its a liveable wage so I am just happy to say I am employed.youre_hired

So now, here I am, days away from graduation and I can say that in the middle of January I will be employed and work as part of a proactive team of professionals. I know this is not a reality for everyone because I currently know people who are still actively searching for employment. The job market is a battlefield right now and though I am lucky to have found SOME work, eventually I will find myself looking for employment within my field.  I just hope that all recent and previous graduates who are currently searching for employment stay strong and don’t give up, God knows I was to my wit’s end with applying and not hearing anything back or getting that generic email stating  “though your experience and qualifications were impressive, we have a huge candidate pool and decided to pursue other candidates”- yeah right.   That’s if I got a response at all besides the “Thanks for Applying and don’t message or call us about your application status email. Well as frustrating as the job search is it will end eventually.  You will eventually go on that job interview that will change the course of your life forever, better or for worse is up to you.  I will try and make a post about the do’s and don’ts of job/resume writing eventually but with graduation and my Vietnam trip looming over my head, I can’t really think of anything right now. So look out for that!

Until then Stay Warm and Stay Well!!


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